Yorumların Yayınlanma Koşulları

Sephora offers the possibility of posting reviews on its Internet website www.sephora.com.tr and on the mobile application intended to be used on compatible iOS and Android devices (hereafter the “Site”).

Publishing a review on the Site implies the acceptance and the respect of these terms and conditions (hereafter the “Review Terms”. Sephora reserves the right to modify them without notice. Where applicable, Sephora will inform the consumer by amending the date at the bottom of the said Review Terms and, in some cases, will provide further notices (e.g. by publishing a statement on our Site’s home pages or by sending the consumer an email).


1.1 The review function enables users to leave reviews, advice, tips, suggestions, information and recommendations regarding the products distributed by Sephora, and to give them a score ranging from one star (for “Bad”) to five stars (for “Excellent”).

1.2 The Sephora company provides users (hereafter the “User(s)”) with an area for storing only their opinions for the purposes of their dissemination across all communication media intended for Sephora’s current and future audience, notably including but not limited to electronic communication services (notably the Sephora’s Group’s e-commerce sites and/or any possible adaptation on mobile devices) and marketing and/or advertising communications media (emailing, mail shots, advertising banners on the Internet, promotional media within Sephora stores, etc.) produced by Sephora.


2.1 Any User of Sephora’s review function under the age of 16 years old must obtain prior authorization from a parent or legal representative to post an opinion on the Site and accept the Review Terms. Sephora may ask any minor User to provide proof of such authorization and, without such proof, refuse to publish an opinion.

2.2 Users may submit their opinion as follows:

  • spontaneously, on their own initiative, by clicking on “Give your opinion” on the page of the concerned product. In such case, Sephora is unable to guarantee that the User is posting a review on a product that he or she has actually purchased or tested. This concerns reviews for which no badge or specific mention is affixed, as well as those identified by a “spontaneous review” badge.
  • following receipt of an email inviting them to give their opinion on a product they have purchased from Sephora. As these reviews are solicited by Sephora following a purchase, they are identified on the Site by a “verified buyer” badge.
  • as part of a test campaign. In this case, there is a quid pro quo for the reviews, since the Users receive the product(s) in sample or full-size form in order to test it/them before writing their review. The process for submitting a review (made available via a specific URL link) enables Sephora to identify them and affix the “tester review” badge to the review in question. Internet users are then informed via this badge of both the existence of a quid pro quo for writing a review, and of its traceability.

2.3 Opinions are displayed by default in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest, but Users may choose to display them according to other criteria such as usefulness or rating.


3.1 An Opinion must include a username, a rating, a title and a description of 50 characters minimum.

3.2 The review function cannot be used as a means for disseminating content that violates morality, public order, the rights of third parties, or the applicable laws and regulations, notably including:

  • statements or messages of a slanderous, abusive, obscene, racist or offensive nature, or that mention illegal activities in any form;
  • any abuse regarding the use of freedom of expression, such as comments that include systematic and non-objective criticism, as well as comments of a denigrating or malicious nature;
  • content of a violent or pornographic nature, or that would undermine respect for persons or their dignity, equality between women and men, or the protection of children and adolescents;
  • statements or messages encouraging crimes or offences, inciting violence, discrimination or racial hatred;
  • unauthorised use of a name, e-mail address or company name;
  • the total or partial use of content protected by an intellectual property right and for which Users do not have the necessary rights, as well as messages constituting an infringement of a registered trademark.

3.3 Users undertake not to misuse the Sephora Consumer Opinion service for the purposes of propaganda, prospecting, soliciting or proselytizing, whether for professional, commercial or political purposes (advertising messages, “spam” content or references to other products, commercial offers or Internet sites, etc.).

3.4 The review function must not contain in particular:

  • e-mail addresses, URLs, telephone numbers, postal addresses or any other information (surname, first name…) that would serve to identify the User or a third party;
  • critical comments on the other opinions notably published on the Site or regarding their authors;
  • comments on the medical effectiveness of the products;
  • comments relative to another product or to problems encountered when ordering (delivery problems…);
  • comments that encourage purchases from a competitor of Sephora.

3.5 The content of the reviews must in no way violate the Review Terms.

3.6 Users also refrain from hindering or disturbing the operation of the Sephora’s review function.

Users will refrain from including documents or software programs with the opinions placed in the storage area made available by Sephora that could damage the computers of other Users or allow unjustified access to other Internet sites.

Users must take the appropriate measures relative to the hardware that they use in order to protect the said hardware from possible contamination by viruses or intrusion attempts. Hardware must be understood to include, though this list is in no way limited or exhaustive: personal computer, PDA (personal digital assistant), Internet access, software programs and data, etc.

3.7 Users are solely responsible for all content they submit via the Sephora’s review function.


4.1 All opinions as well as the usernames accompanying them are reviewed systematically moderated by software based on keywords predefined by Sephora and in some cases are reviewed by moderators before being uploaded on the Site. Sephora reserves the right to refuse to publish any opinion that violates the provisions listed in these Review Terms. Where applicable, the User will be notified by e-mail.

Sephora does not modify any review but can correct minor spelling or typing errors without altering the meaning of the submitted review. In addition, Sephora reserves the right to delete at any time any review that does not comply with the Terms of Use.

Once submitted, a review cannot be modified by the User. To obtain the modification, the User must contact Sephora’s Customer Service to request the deletion of the opinion in question and submit a new one. Sephora’s Customer Service can be reached by calling 0 850 288 35 35, via info@sephora.com.tr e-mail address or from the Contact Us section.

4.2 Reviews are usually published within 2 to 4 business days of being submitted by the User, provided they comply with the Review Terms.

The User will receive an e-mail to confirm that his/her opinion has been published rejected. Subsequent publications of the opinion under the conditions listed in article 1.2 above will not result in a new e-mail notification.

4.3 Once an opinion has been published on the Site, Internet users can, by means of a link, indicate whether or not they consider it to be useful, or point out any inappropriate content. If necessary, Sephora will examine the complaints and may delete any review that does not comply herewith.

4.4 Reviews are published on the Site for a maximum 10-year period. They may be deleted by Sephora


5.1 Sephora holds all intellectual property rights to both the structure and content of the Review function (including, but not limited to, text, logos, images, illustrations, photographs, videos, graphic or sound elements, music, icons, page layouts, graphic guidelines, software, databases, etc.) or has regularly acquired the rights/authorizations to use them. All trademarks and/or logos reproduced on the Consumer Opinion Service are the exclusive property of either Sephora, or a company in the Sephora Group, or their service providers, partners or suppliers.

Any use of these elements, in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever, other than the use strictly necessary for the dissemination of the User’s Opinion as defined herein, is prohibited without the express, written and prior authorization of Sephora or the holder of the intellectual property rights concerned.

In general, the User refrains from infringing the intellectual property rights (copyright, neighbouring rights, sui generis right of the producer of databases, trademark rights, domain names, etc.) of Sephora, companies of the Sephora Group and/or any third party. Any unauthorized or abusive use of intellectual property rights may lead Sephora or any third party concerned to take any measure or sanction that may be appropriate.

5.2 By uploading their opinion on the Site, Users formally agree, at no cost, that the Sephora company can disseminate, reproduce and present all or part of their opinion as well as their username, using any reproduction or presentation means and on all media throughout the world for a period of 10 years.

The employed media can notably include graphic and paper media, audio-visual, IT and digital media such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, electronic communication services (in particular, the Sephora Group’s merchant sites and/or any possible variations on mobile devices) and marketing and/or advertising communication media (emailing, mailings, advertising banners on the Internet, promotional media in Sephora stores, etc.) published by Sephora, as well as all other currently known or future media.

This authorisation notably allows Sephora to use, freely and at no cost, all or part of the opinions and usernames, to reproduce, or delete them in whole or in part, to adapt, publish or translate them, to create derived works, and to sell them or distribute them, whether for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes.


In connection with the review function, Sephora collects information of a personal nature (notably e-mail, username, city, age bracket, sex, skin type, eye colour) of the Users who upload an opinion to the Site.

Only the fields in the data collection form followed by an asterisk are mandatory in order to be able to leave an opinion on the Site. Otherwise, the User will not be able to leave a review

Users are informed that all or some of their personal data collected in this manner by Sephora can be used by the latter, and as relevant by its service providers, in order to disseminate the opinion on the current or future public communication media used by Sephora, notably including but not limited to electronic communication services (notably the Sephora Group’s merchant sites or any possible adaptation on mobile devices) and/or marketing and/or advertising communication media (e-mailing, mail shot, advertising banners on the Internet, promotional media in the Sephora stores…) published by Sephora.

The personal data used for this dissemination can include: the username, city, age bracket and sex, skin type and eye colour of the User who uploaded the opinion.

In order to comply with its legal obligations, Sephora may also collect and retain data allowing the identification of anyone who has contributed to the creation of online content.

To learn about Sephora’s practices regarding the collection, use and communication of their personal data, to exercise their rights of access, rectification and deletion, to modify their options with respect to commercial prospecting or to organize the fate of their data post-mortem, and to learn about the other rights available to them, Users are invited to consult Sephora’s Personal Data and Cookies policy.